Schedule Your Labs: Simplifying the Process

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Going to the doctor can be overwhelming! First, you have to wade through the flood of information about insurance and networks and co-pays. Then, after you finally get to the appointment, there’s nothing more frustrating than being given a list of labs you need!

Once again, you have to go through the whole research process to find a lab in your network. If you’re lucky, you make an appointment. If you’re not lucky, you gamble with a walk-in visit that may take more time.

We’ve Simplified the Process

We do our labs in-house! So, you don’t need to go offsite to get your lab work taken care of.  You can get your labs done while you are at your appointment. In some cases, we might review the results with you while you are still at your appointment.

How Does In-house Labs Work?

  1. We send your lab request to our in-house lab.
  2. You step into our lobby.
  3. A staff member calls you into the lab to get your blood taken.
  4. We review the results onsite or at a later time.

It’s as simple as that!

What About a COVID-19 Test?

If you need a COVID test, we’ve got that covered too!

  1. Make an appointment online or by phone.
  2. Come into the office.
  3. A staff member swabs you.
  4. We will give you your results within 15 minutes.

How Do I Prepare for Labs?

Here are five simple, quick tips to prepare for your labs.

1. Ask if You Need to Fast

Whether it’s for lab work or a doctor’s visit, when you make your appointment, ask our staff if you need to fast. Generally, 8-hour fasts are only required if you are getting your cholesterol or glucose tested.

2. Drink Water

To keep your blood pressure from dropping and your veins hydrated, drink plenty of water before you come in and avoid caffeinated beverages.

3. Tell the Staff About Your Medications

Taking a blood-thinning medication like heparin or Coumadin (warfarin)? Tell the phlebotomist so they can be sure the bleeding stops before you leave.

4. Relax!

Relax as much as you can during the test. Take some deep breaths or take a daydream vacation.

5. Eat Afterward

Eat a snack afterward to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Schedule Your Labs in Advance

We want to be sure you get the best care as a patient at OneLife Medical. To provide the best service and guidance toward your ultimate health goals, we need an accurate picture of your body’s systems, so it may be best to get your labs before your visit.

If you know what lab work you need before your appointment, schedule your labs in advance using our easy online scheduling system. If you select to order labs in advance of a doctor’s visit, remember not all lab tests have a fast turn around. Be sure to give us time to process the results before your visit!

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Schedule Your Labs: Simplifying the Process
We do our labs in-house. You don't need to go offsite to get your lab work taken care of. Contact us today to learn more!

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