What Is a Medical One-Stop Shop?

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Most of us seek convenience in everyday aspects of our life, whether it’s shopping from a store that has most of our needs or it’s planning our schedule around the errands we have to run. So if we’re working hard to make things easier on ourselves, why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to our healthcare?

Medical one-stop shops can make quality care accessible and convenient for all! At OneLife Medical, we are proud to offer our patients exactly that.

OneLife Medical Center provides patients with a single location where they can receive most, if not all, of their medical care as well as a wide variety of preventative and wellness services.

Specifically, we offer patients an accessible and expert approach to:

  • Acute and chronic care management
  • Age-appropriate preventative care
  • Multiple wellness options

Our goal today is to highlight the benefits of having one place to receive all of your most important healthcare needs as well as highlighting our services.

What OneLife Medical Center Can Do For You

Our center was started in 2014 but is made up of a qualified team of experts that has decades of experience in the medical field. With a diverse team of providers who have varied specialties and interests, we can offer our patients comprehensive care across the board!

We combine conventional medical approaches with other healing modalities to help our patients be proactive in their health. All of our providers have undergone training to ensure they can offer their patients innovative and efficient new treatment methods.

The OneLife Medical Center team will help patients find relief through wellness initiatives and preventative treatments and medications.

Presently, we are focused on four particular areas:

  1. Management of Acute Illness
  2. Expertise in Chronic Condition Management
  3. Age-appropriate Preventive Care
  4. Full-spectrum of Wellness Options

If you’re interested in getting a partner on your wellness journey, read on to learn more about how we can help you!

The Benefits of One-Stop-Shop Style Healthcare

Whether you’re looking for a new physician to become your family doctor or you need an expert in chronic condition management, there are many benefits to having all of your medical care under one roof.

For starters, it’s convenient for you! You don’t have to worry about driving all over town to see different specialists or make multiple appointments.

We have what you need under one roof! If you do need a specialty service that we don’t provide, we’d be happy to help you organize that and can refer you to an appropriate provider.

Some of the other reasons that make the one-stop-shop style of healthcare so attractive to patients is having a provider that is familiar with your entire health history.

When you visit OneLife Medical center, you’re gaining a partner in your health, and during your initial consultation, we’ll review your entire health history, concerns, and goals. We want to get the big picture of your health, which will give us a real advantage moving forward as we customize wellness and treatment plans for you.

OneLife Medical center offers an extensive variety of services, including:

  • General Medicine and Patient Education
  • Comprehensive Diabetic Management
  • Pediatric Care
  • Certain In-house Labs and Testing
  • Procedure Services
  • Supplements
  • Aesthetics
  • and more!

You can take a look through our full services here or give us a call to inquire about a specific healthcare need, and we’ll do our best to assist you!

Want to learn more about the OneLife Medical team? Meet the team here!

OneLife Medical Center’s Core Focus

Like we said above, we focus our care on four areas: management of acute illnesses, chronic conditions, wellness, and preventive care. We’ll get into these four areas and their individual importance now.

  1. Management of Acute Illness: Our compassionate team can provide treatment to you and your whole family for acute illnesses ranging from:
    • Seasonal allergies
    • Cold/flu
    • Strep throat
    • And more
  2. Management of Chronic Conditions: Chronic conditions are challenging and can be difficult to manage. When left untreated or properly managed, it can lead to costly and painful complications. Our team is highly skilled and can help you find the best treatment path to living your best life despite your chronic condition.
  3. Preventive Care: Unfortunately, we see it all the time; many patients “feel” fine and only see doctors when they’re visibly ill. However, preventive care is crucial, and it is so important to us. We work with our patients through education and personalized wellness plans to ensure they stay healthy year-round.
  4. Wellness: We offer a variety of wellness initiatives, ranging from supplements to hormone health to aesthetic services. We aim to help our patients look as good as they feel.

Each of these four areas is important. And our goal is to provide a comprehensive and customized approach to each. Together we can develop a plan that aligns with your goals and your lifestyle.

Your Resource to Restore Vitality

Our motto at OneLife Medical center is, “You only live once…live well!” and we truly believe that. We want all of our patients to look and feel their absolute best every day.

One of the ways that we can offer convenient and accessible quality care is through collaboration. When you come in for your consultation, we are there to listen to you.

We want you to walk us through your health history, concerns, and goals. When you visit OneLife Medical, we will listen to you and work together to uncover the root of your health problems.

Schedule your consultation today, so we can craft the best plan of care so you can look, feel, and live your best life!


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What Is a Medical One-Stop Shop?
OneLife Medical center is proud to offer patients a one-stop-shop for quality healthcare. Learn about our specialties and how we can help you!

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