Take Control of Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease that can have very serious complications. However, research has shown that people with diabetes can reduce their chances of getting these complications by keeping the disease under control.

Managing diabetes is all about finding a healthy personal balance. This includes learning to control your blood sugar levels with good nutrition, exercise, and medication.

OneLife Medical Center provides a variety of services to help individuals successfully manage diabetes.

  • Patient Education – We want to be a resource for our patients and offer our experience and expertise to help you understand the ins and outs of your health condition and what’s needed to manage it properly. We are committed to teaching the pathophysiology of diabetes, the management options, and appropriate diet. We know that patient understanding, patient involvement, and personal accountability are the keys to successful management of diabetes.
  • Proactive Management & Monitoring – We follow evidence-based medicine and current ADA Clinical Practice Recommendations for the management and monitoring of your diabetes.
  • Insulin Pumps – Our care team has an extensive background and years of experience with management of insulin pumps and glucose sensors.

Take control of your diabetes today! Schedule your assessment with Dr. Finkbeiner to get started.

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