How Wrinkles are Formed

Creases on the forehead and frown lines between the eyebrows are the result of muscle contractions combined with a loss of skin elasticity. This loss of elasticity can be caused by sun exposure, hormone loss, genetics or the aging process. The creases and lines that form in the skin due to decreased elasticity can make you look tired, stressed and older than your age. Who wants to look old and tired? I am sure you don’t…you want to look as young and outgoing as you feel.

botox-baHow Botox Works

Botox works on the muscles under the skin to smooth moderate to severe facial lines, and interrupts the signals between nerves and muscles, resulting in a reduction in the muscle contractions that cause frown lines. The forehead, eye area (aka “crow’s feet”), nose or “bunny” lines, and fine lines around the lips are given a smoother and more youthful appearance, while untreated areas of the face remain unaffected. In fact, certain areas of the face, such as the eyebrows, can appreciate a nice lift and make your eyes bigger and brighter. BOTOX® are delivered by a non-surgical injection and do not require a hospital setting. It is virtually painless, and there is no recovery time.

How Long it Lasts

The reduction in lines and wrinkles is temporary with Botox. On average, Botox lasts for approximately 3 to 4 months. Side effects are rare and usually limited to the site of injection which include mild redness, inflammation, and/or bruising (can last 1 to 7 days). Most people who are happy with the results of an initial Botox treatment decide to repeat the treatment on a regular basis. Regular Botox can bring not only an improvement in appearance but also people will comment on how rested and refreshed you look without realizing that you’ve had a cosmetic procedure. You will look better, but they won’t know why.

botox-1How long is the Recovery?

You may resume normal activities immediately. Vigorous exercise or lying flat may be restricted for a few hours following treatment.  It is generally recommended to remain upright for four hours after injections and avoid aerobic activity for a few hours. Many patients undergo Botox treatment during their lunch break and return to work after treatment.

We only inject authentic BOTOX®. There are a couple of ways to check for authenticity:

  • There is a holographic film on the vial ensuring Allergan product authenticity
  • “ALLERGAN” should appear within the rainbow lines

Watch a quick video (22 seconds) at Allergan’s site so you’ll know if you’re getting genuine Botox(you’ll need to scroll down the page just a bit to find the video).


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